Our Gourmet Popcorn is both Non-GMO and Gluten Free!

Amish Country Popcorn comes in 13 different varieties. They all vary in taste like different types of breads vary in taste.
Not sure what you want? Try our Rainbow Popcorn.

Midnight Blue Midnight Blue Popcorn

A small hulless popcorn that is a little crunchy, yet very tasty!

Medium Yellow Medium Yellow Popcorn

A little smaller popcorn than our Extra Large Caramel Type, but no doubt one of the best yellow popcorns you will ever taste! This popcorn is a favorite among popcorn lovers.

Purple Purple Popcorn

Here is Purple popcorn for you to enjoy. It is a very good and tender popped kernel, a great "eating corn"! Purple is higher in antioxidants than the rest of our popcorn. It is one of our favorites. This variety may be limited in supply.

Medium White Medium White Popcorn

This popcorn is an Amish Country favorite. Here you have the finest white popcorn available. If Baby White popcorn is unavailable, this is the next best thing.

Red Red Popcorn

This hybrid is very similar to Medium White popcorn, but it has its own distinct characteristics. Red popcorn does not have many flaky hulls. This popcorn pops up fluffy and meaty white every time. It is a favorite of many.

Blue Blue Popcorn

This hybrid popcorn pops medium to large kernels into fresh popcorn. It has its own flavor, typically a little sweeter and not a lot of hulls. Recently, it has become a favorite popcorn flavor among our popcorn fanatics.

Rainbow Rainbow Popcorn

This is a fun type of popcorn for people who can't make up their minds. It's a unique blend of several of our popcorn varieties, great for eating or decorating your counter tops.

Extra Large Caramel Extra Large Caramel popcorn

If you like large, fluffy popcorn, you will love this hybrid. It is great for enjoying plain, buttered, or for making caramel corn. Our yellow popcorn has less flaky hulls than most large yellow popcorns.

Baby Yellow Baby Yellow popcorn

If you like the flavor of yellow popcorn, but don't like the coarse, tough kernels that often have many flaky hulls, you will love this small, tender variety! We've separated the smaller kernels from the larger kernels to create the tenderest popcorn on the market.

Ladyfinger Ladyfinger popcorn

This old open-pollinated variety of popcorn is similar to a variety called Tom Thumb. It is one of the first varieties that Brian grew as a small boy! If you like small, hulless, and tender popcorn, you definitely will want to try this type!

Rainbow Ladyfinger Rainbow Ladyfinger Popcorn

If you like small, hulless, and tender popcorn, you definitely want to try this popcorn! It is very similar to our regular Lady Finger popcorn, only with more color. This eats very similar to black popcorn.

Baby White Baby White popcorn

This small white is one of our smallest and most tender popcorn. It resembles an old variety that Brian planted as a teenager called Japanese hulless. It comes from separating the smaller kernels from our Medium White. Can be limited in supply!

Mushroom Mushroom popcorn

Pops in a ball! This is similar to the popcorn you buy at Christmas time in tins.