Baby Yellow Popcorn

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The Baby Yellow Popcorn is similar to our Medium Yellow Popcorn but has smaller kernels. Yellow Popcorn has a classic nutty and buttery flavor and more flavor to it than White Popcorn. It has a thicker hull, giving it a satisfying crunch when popped.

Baby Yellow Popcorn is a good source of dietary fiber and whole grains. It is not only a nutritious snack, but when paired with our range of seasonings, it can be a delicious one as well.

Compared to Other Popcorn
The most obvious difference between Baby Yellow Popcorn and other popcorn types is the distinctive golden yellow color and the small or “baby” kernels. Yellow Popcorn also has a bigger and more present nutty and buttery flavor, whereas White Popcorn has a neutral flavor.

Popping Tips
Just like most popcorn, Baby Yellow Popcorn can be prepared in a myriad of ways: air popping, stovetop popping, and microwave popping. It is delicious with salt and butter (movie theater style) and pairs well with our broad range of seasonings.

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  • 5

    All are great

    Posted by Jon Huggins on Apr 10th 2018

    While I am commenting here for the baby yellow what I say applies to all of the popcorn Amish Country makes as I have been a customer for many years and tried all of them. Simply put the best popcorn anywhere! I prefer the smaller varieties but love them all.

  • 5

    Great popcorn!

    Posted by Kimmarie Munoz on Mar 23rd 2018

    Love the Amish Country popcorn! It's all so good! I've tried 12 different varieties and they're all great!

  • 5

    Best Yellow

    Posted by Richard B. Kaiser on Sep 22nd 2017

    Soft , tender pale yellow Kernnels & virtually ZERO hulls ! Can not wait try the white LADY Finger. Sixty five years ago I remember growing Tom Thumb in West Unity, Ohio. (extreme NW county in the state bordering Indiana and the Wolverine state of Michigan). Thank you Amish Country Popcorn for the safe delivery of just a small bit of God's country to northern Idaho !

  • 5

    The best popcorn

    Posted by Daviann M on Jun 14th 2017

    We first found Amish country popcorn at a local store in the 1 lb bags. We bought it there for awhile, but when the store no longer carried it, we started buying from the website. We eat popcorn almost every night, so the 6 lb bag is a great value for us. This popcorn has a great taste and a lot less hulls than other popcorn. We will never buy any other brand of popcorn.