Medium Yellow Popcorn

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Our Medium Yellow Popcorn is medium-sized, crunchy, and dense and a bestseller at Amish Country Popcorn. It is one of the most classic and well-known popcorn varieties and is recognized for its sweet, buttery flavor. Having a very versatile flavor, it is perfect for making traditional popcorn snacks, whether at home, in movie theaters, or at events. Generally, it is the preferred choice when looking to simply make buttered popcorn.

Compared to Other Popcorn
This nostalgic variety is similar to the XL Caramel Type and the Baby Yellow in flavor but is smaller than the Extra Large Caramel Type Popcorn and bigger than the Baby Yellow Popcorn.

Popping Tips
The Medium Yellow Popcorn can be popped using all of the traditional popping methods. It is delicious when served “movie theater style,” with butter and salt. If you’re looking for a more flavorful snack, try it with our seasonings and glazes to add an extra dimension.


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  • 5

    Medium Yellow Popcorn

    Posted by andy skoundrianos on Feb 9th 2023

    great popcorn perfect size

  • 5

    This is part of my perfect 2 kernel mix

    Posted by Julian on Mar 25th 2019

    We stove oil pop all of our popcorn and the go to is always a mix of the Medium Yellow and the medium White. This seems to be the perfect mix of low hulls and great flavor. I've tried Red, Blue, Lady finger, small yellow and small white. I feel the red and blue have too many hulls and are crunchier than what I'd prefer my popcorn to be. And the lady finger to be quite honest is my least favorite. Nothing seems to stand up to the Medium white/yellow mix.

  • 5

    tender popcorn

    Posted by on Jun 19th 2018

    I love this popcorn. Very tasty and big kernels.

  • 5

    tender popcorn

    Posted by Donna Legg on May 7th 2018

    Very please with this product. Nice fluffy, big kernels. Good flavor.