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From a six-year-old’s hobby…

In 1965, in the Amish community of Berne, Indiana, a man named Roy Lehman planted a small plot of popcorn for his six-year-old son, Brian. His young son began growing popcorn for his family and friends. He still remembers carrying popcorn to school for his sixth-grade teacher, one of his most loyal customers.

When he graduated, he stayed on the family farm and continued to grow and sell popcorn. Eventually, he bought the farm and the property around it and started Amish Country Popcorn.

…to a family’s passion.

The business Brian dreamed of fifty-five years ago harvests roughly 10 million pounds of popcorn per year and sells across the globe. Brian’s vision has multiplied and spread to the next generation, who is dreaming big as well.

We’ve held tightly to our value of growing the best popcorn possible. (GMO and preservative-free) This means that sometimes our weed control is Brian and a group of grandkids pulling weeds in the middle of a cornfield. We also have to use as many natural methods as possible, including regular crop rotation and being careful how we plant and prepare the ground.

While most of our popcorn is grown on our farm, a portion is grown by local farmers who are closely managed to make sure that we are producing nothing but the best. After harvest, all of our popcorn is cleaned and processed on the farm. It is sorted by size/shape, weight, and color.

It is a big job managing so many different types of popcorn. Brian and Tyler, our farm/maintenance manager spend a lot of time strategizing and planning each year.

Brian, owner of Amish Country Popcorn

Brian’s hope for the future

To this day, those close to Brian will tell you that he is known for two things: serving the Lord and selling popcorn. His life goal is to tell people everywhere how to get to heaven. Do you have questions about heaven? Brian would love to chat!

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