Blue Popcorn

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Our Blue Popcorn is medium to large in size, has a unique, sweet, and nutty flavor, and pops in mushroom or butterfly shapes. Blue Popcorn is also higher in antioxidants and has thinner hulls than our other varieties.

While our uniquely-colored popcorn kernel varieties(Midnight Blue, Red, Purple, Blue, Rainbow) have a colored kernel, they will be white or yellow once popped. For popped popcorn to be colored, the kernels need to be dyed beforehand, and we do not use dyes or preservatives.

Compared to Other Popcorn
Blue Popcorn has a less buttery flavor than classic white or yellow popcorn. Its popping ability is similar to other popcorn types, but it is a less traditional and more unique variety.

Popping Tips
Blue Popcorn has a good popping ability and typically produces fluffy popped kernels. For best results, this corn should be popped at a higher temperature, but it can be air-popped, microwave-popped, or popped on the stove using oil. Try it with salt and butter, or the seasonings we offer in our store!

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  • 5


    Posted by JoAnna on Mar 29th 2023

    I’ve tried almost all of them and blue is my favorite! I normally drizzle my popcorn in butter and a small amount of salt but Im happy with just lightly salting the blue variety. It’s delicious! I used to think popcorn was popcorn but I was wrong. ? ?

  • 4

    Slightly Sweet

    Posted by Monique P on Jul 9th 2022

    I don't know why I initially thought this popcorn would taste like kettle corn once popped but it's mildly sweet. It's good and I would probably in future use it for caramel corn or kettle; though I do like it as is for a buttery and slightly sweet popcorn.

  • 2

    Our least favorite

    Posted by Diane on May 6th 2022

    We've ordered many popcorns from Amish Country and the blue popcorn is by far our least favorite. In fact, we threw out the last bit of a large bag recently because we didn't like it. The issue was flavor - every couple of bites we would encounter a "dirty" piece. The kernels weren't actually dirty, but my husband & I both thought it tasted like dirt. I assume that's the "sweetness" referred to in the description, but we found it unpleasant and unappetizing. We also noticed more unpopped kernels after popping than with any other variety sold here. We will not purchase again.

  • 5

    Blue popcorn

    Posted by Greg Burt on May 6th 2022

    Love this popcorn its crunchy and yummy ! to top it off its good for you. fast shipping and reasonably priced, I by extra and give to my brother .