2LB Purple Popcorn

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Our Purple variety has small, nutty kernels. Quite tender with very few hulls, Purple makes for a great "eating corn"! One of our favorites! See what the hype is all about and why we enjoy it so much. Order some today! 


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    My favorite

    Posted by Vickie Smithson on Feb 23rd 2021

    Before ordering from Amish Country popcorn the only popcorn I had eaten was what was available at my grocery store. I don’t care for yellow popcorn at all but I love white popcorn for the taste and the small hulls. When I found Amish Country they had so many options that I hardly knew were to begin. I tried Midnight Blue, Lady Finger, Baby White & Lady Finger because their descriptions best fit what I was looking for in a popcorn. The truth is, I liked them all and it was fun trying different types of popcorn but my hands down favorite is the purple popcorn. I love the flavor, the light/crisp tenderness. Also, when I pop it, some of the kernels actually look slightly more yellow as if buttered, which is fun. If you like white popcorn, you’re gonna love this purple popcorn.

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    We prefer hullless but tried this and like it!

    Posted by Lois Meyer on Oct 8th 2020

    We eat popcorn almost every night. We prefer hullless so we ordered Blue, Purple (advertised as fewer hulls), and Med White. We really like this Purple and have just ordered more. It pops up really nice and tastes good and as advertised there are very few hulls. We recommend!

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    The Best!

    Posted by A Brown on Sep 30th 2018

    I like this the best over Red and Blue (in that order). Haven't tried the yellow yet (won't try the white). The Purple pops full and every kernel popped. Great flavor and large enough. Add a little Flavocol and you've got movie theater quality - (I also use a Whirley Pop popper with Coconut oil).

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    2Lb Purple

    Posted by Bill Brice on Aug 21st 2018

    A nice change in flavor.

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    Royal Purple

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 17th 2018

    I order this one all of the time. It tastes great!

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    Great Flavor

    Posted by Wilson Roth on Feb 22nd 2018

    Both the red and blue have such a sweet flavor. Love them!

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    Good eats

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 18th 2017

    A good popcorn that can be airpopped to a degree... if your ready for a few kernels in the bottom of the bowl. Best part about this popcorn? It’s so good you don’t need butter OR salt. Crisp, crunchy, delicious.

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    Amish Purple Popcorn

    Posted by heather9@gmail.com on May 19th 2017

    This is no doubt the best popcorn out there. Great product at a great price!

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    Purple Popcorn

    Posted by John O Beane on Jan 14th 2017

    This is one of our favorites. Nice big kernels and a little firmer than your traditional white popcorn.