Popcorn: an American Tradition

Popcorn: an American Tradition

Oct 19th 2021

The United States is the biggest producer of popcorn in the world. Soil conditions, temperature and rainfall makes the American Midwest an ideal place to grow popcorn. Amish Country Popcorn alone harvests over 6 million pounds of popcorn each year. The flat landscapes of Indiana make for convenient planting, growing, and harvesting conditions.

Corn was first introduced to European settlers by Native Americans whose people had been raising and cultivating corn for thousands of years. What once grew as a wild grass in regions of Mexico became domesticated and then traded across the Americas. Cultivation by Native American groups has led to the varieties of corn that we know today, including popcorn!

Corn has been in the Americas for so long that it has made its way into many American traditions. In the grips of the Great Depression, popcorn was one of few luxuries that was still somewhat affordable. During World War II, sugar and candy shortages led to another spike in pop-ularity for popcorn in America, where corn crops continued to flourish.

From farms to fairs, movie theaters, and sporting events, this snack has meshed into American culture and become a nostalgic treat that many people grew up with. Family traditions are a great way to celebrate the holidays, and it’s never too late to start a new tradition!

Here are a few creative ways to incorporate popcorn into your holiday celebrations:

Movie Night

Since the weather outside is getting cooler, gather a loved one or seven for a fun night in! Choose a holiday movie to watch together and pop a bowl of Amish Country Popcorn. Try one of our new popcorn glazes: Chocolate or Red Hot Cinnamon for some special holiday flavor. Bonus points if you have a fireplace you can utilize!

DIY Decor

Popcorn can be a great addition to your holiday decorations. Spice up your Thanksgiving centerpiece with a DIY popcorn filled turkey decoration, or add a DIY popcorn string to your Christmas tree and garlands. These DIYs are perfect opportunities to involve others for a fun evening or Saturday activity.


Use Amish Country Popcorn to create a treat to share! Take advantage of the ideas in our recipe guide. Switch out the Skittles in these Marshmallow Popcorn Balls with fun fall or Christmas sprinkles. These recipes make perfect gifts for teachers, neighbors, family and anyone else you would like to bless!