Popcorn Strings for the Christmas Tree: DIY

Popcorn Strings for the Christmas Tree: DIY

Nov 30th 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And what better way to celebrate the holidays than by creating a fun, inexpensive homemade decoration for your Christmas tree? Popcorn strings are a classic tree decoration with roots in old Germany, when fruit was a common decoration for Christmas trees. Today, people like to string popcorn and cranberries as a fun, festive touch to their trees. Below, we show you the steps to make your own popcorn strings.

Materials needed:

  • Several cups popped Amish Country Popcorn(we recommend Mushroom or Extra Large Caramel corn for this project), left out about 24 hours
  • Sewing needle and heavy duty thread or fishing wire
  • Fresh cranberries(optional)


Step 1: Thread your needle with your heavy duty thread or fishing wire. Tie a fat knot on the end.

Step 2: Start stringing! Your popcorn needs to be stale, otherwise it will crumble when you try to thread your needle through. Gently press your needle through the center of each piece of popcorn, and alternate with cranberries if using them.

Step 3: Keep stringing until you’ve reached your desired length. Tie another knot at the end to secure your string, then decorate your tree!