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25LB Extra Large Caramel Type Popcorn

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If you like large fluffy popcorn, you will love this hybrid. It is great for enjoying plain, buttered, or for making caramel corn. Our yellow popcorn has fewer flaky hulls than most large yellow popcorn. 


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    Just average popcorn

    Posted by LaDonna Wiley on Dec 30th 2020

    So I just made 6 batches of caramel popcorn balls. In the past, I've just used organic popcorn seeds purchased from Sprouts, but this year I purchased a 25 lb bag of the XL Caramel Popcorn to try with my popcorn balls. I used an electric oil popcorn popper and I noticed right away that there were LOTS of hulls attached to each kernel as well as LOTS of hulls that fell off. There were more than compared with the store bought popcorn. I did like the large size of each kernel though. After completing my popcorn balls and my family started eating them, I noticed that I kept running into small, hard chunks. This is NOT good. I don't not want myself or anyone that I share my popcorn balls to break a tooth on one of my popcorn balls. I ALWAYS take extra steps while making my caramel balls to ensure that NO unpopped seeds make their way into the finished ball but this time I had no way of filtering out all those hard little chunks that stuck to so many of the individual kernels. Disappointing to say the least. The taste of these kernels was about the same as the Sprouts organic version. The chewiness of each kernel was also similar to the Sprouts version. Bottomline: This popcorn is on par with store bought yellow popcorn kernels. Because of my additional requirements for my caramel popcorn balls, this popcorn failed my needs and I will not be using it again.