Host a Galentine’s Day Movie Night

Host a Galentine’s Day Movie Night

Jan 23rd 2023

Galentine’s Day is celebrated on February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day. Hosting a Galentine’s Day party is a great way to celebrate the friends in your life, and what sounds better than avoiding restaurant crowds to have a themed movie night? We’ve put together a few ideas to help you host a fun and festive evening.

Pick a Movie Together

We recommend narrowing your options to 2-3 movies and letting your guests vote when they arrive. You could pick three movies from the same genre, or choose three wildly different options. If you’re having trouble selecting your movies, use a random movie generator like to get some ideas. You can apply filters like genre and length and choose the streaming service you prefer.

Heart Theme

Why not lean in hard to a Valentine’s day theme? We’ve seen parties that showcase a fun photo booth where guests can snap silly pictures with signs and accessories. Pink and red accessories, fun garlands, and heart-shaped decorations are all great additions to a classic Valentine’s Day theme.

Movie Bingo

A fun way to add excitement to the movie portion (especially if you’ve seen the movie before), is to download a printable Movie Bingo card, filled with squares such as, “Quirky best friend,” “Main character cries,” “A lie is revealed,” “Out of their comfort zone but enjoying it,” etc. Consider giving out prizes for your bingo winners as well!

Festive Popcorn Bar

Set up a heart-themed popcorn bar for your guests to enjoy while watching the winning movie. Pop a variety of Amish Country Popcorn, then add fun flavors and toppings to make them a bit more fabulous. We recommend: