Ring in the New Year at Home!

Ring in the New Year at Home!

Jan 2nd 2019

It’s time to bring in the New Year! What are you most looking forward to in 2019? At Amish Country Popcorn, we’re thrilled to keep bringing you your favorite popcorn treats — and we want to help you celebrate the New Year in a unique way.

Are you tired of going out on New Year’s Eve? Or maybe you can’t get a sitter for the kids this year. Either way — we’ve got five great ideas for spending New Year’s Eve at home.

1. Host a cook-off. Invite your friends or family over for a fun, television-style cook-off. Choose a dish that everyone will prepare — chili, salsa, pie, pizza — the possibilities are endless! Designate a couple people to be judges, and let them decide who created the best version of your dish.

2. Have a movie marathon Select your favorite movie series and set up in the family room to watch them all. Of course, you’ll want to create an authentic movie theater experience by popping Amish Country Popcorn with butter and stringing some twinkle lights for extra fun.

3. Build a pillow fort. If you plan to stay up with the kids, why not make the evening as fun as possible? Gather blankets, sheets, and pillows, and build a gigantic pillow fort in the living room. Snuggle up to read stories and talk about the best parts of everyone’s year.

4. Do a puzzle. Pick out a brand new 500-piece puzzle and go to town. You’ve got until midnight, so why not choose a challenging puzzle? You’ll certainly want to pop a large bowl of popcorn to snack on while you puzzle, and we recommend topping it with our Ballpark Butter seasoning.

5. Host a game night. You can’t be the only one who longs for a New Year’s Eve spent at home, so why not invite your friends over to play all of your favorite games? Whether you’re a board game aficionado or a video game fanatic, select some of the best party games you can find and gather your loved ones together for a night of laughter and snacks — be sure to set out several bowls of Amish Country Popcorn!