Popcorn Varieties: Aren’t they all the same?

Popcorn Varieties: Aren’t they all the same?

Apr 7th 2022

At Amish Country Popcorn, we grow and sell 12 different varieties of popcorn. Some types are a bit more popular than others, but each one is someone’s favorite.

Recently, we set out to learn more about how our customers experience our popcorn varieties.

We sent samples of all our different popcorn to 20 people. Each person confirmed beforehand that they enjoy popcorn and eat it frequently. We had them pop the samples and lay them out to compare. As they tasted each sample, they filled out a survey describing the textures and flavors they experienced and comparing them to each other.

The last question on our survey asked: “Did you learn anything new about popcorn?”

We received a lot of answers like this:

  • “Different kinds of popcorn actually taste different!”
  • “I didn't know how flavorful basic popcorn could be.”
  • “There is so much variety.”

Notice a theme? We learned that many people don’t know how diverse popcorn is and how unique each variety is!

The fact is that each type is unique in flavor, texture, size, and popping temperature. Learning about each one will help you decide which one is best suited for your movie night, your popcorn string, or your caramel corn.

White Popcorn
Our white kernel varieties include Medium White and Baby White. These are very similar except when it comes to size. White kernels are crispy and tender with a very mild flavor.

Yellow Popcorn
The yellow varieties we grow are XL Caramel Type, Medium Yellow, and Baby Yellow. Yellow popcorn is generally crunchier and denser than other types. It also has a stronger flavor.

Mushroom Popcorn
Mushroom popcorn is crunchy and dense like yellow popcorn. What makes this popcorn unique is the ball or mushroom-like shape it pops into. Many people love this variety for crafts and fun recipes with glazes and other coatings.

The Ladyfinger variety is one of our most popular. This one is tiny and tender. In addition to having great flavor, it’s hulless and doesn’t get stuck in teeth, making it all the better for snacking.

Colorful Favorites
Amish Country Popcorn sells four colorful varieties: Red, Purple, Blue, and Midnight Blue. Each colored one has its own unique taste. Many people describe the Blue and Midnight Blue as sweet and the Red and Purple as savory.

While our uniquely-colored popcorns have a colored kernel, they will be white or yellow once popped. For popped popcorn to be colored, the kernels need to be dyed beforehand, and we do not use dyes or preservatives.

Try the new kinds yourself by ordering our variety pack! Let us know how you think the flavors, textures, and kernels compare to each other.