How to Make Popcorn Over a Campfire

How to Make Popcorn Over a Campfire

Jul 15th 2022

Let's Talk Camping!

Spending time in nature alone or with loved ones is a great way to reset in the summer.

If you’re like us, campfire food is a vital part of the camping experience. From breakfast to snacks, somehow it tastes better when made over an open fire.

Popcorn is a great camping snack, but if you’re used to making it at home, you may not consider it as a possibility when all you have available is a campfire. Making outdoorsy popcorn can actually be really simple! Below are some ways you can incorporate popcorn on your next camping trip!

Open Fire Popcorn Popper

Open Fire Popcorn Popper

Designed to be used over open flame like campfires or grills, this popper pops up to 6 quarts of popcorn and has a rubber-coated handle which extends to prevent burns.

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Shake & Pop Popcorn Popper

If you’re looking for something smaller, this shake and pop popcorn maker makes it easy to pop up to 3 quarts of popcorn in just a few minutes! The handle also extends and has a coated handle.

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Shake & Pop Popper
Aluminum Foil

An Aluminum Foil Satchel

If you didn’t bring a popper on your camping trip, you can make one! Simply place 2 tablespoons of oil and 2 tablespoons of unpopped corn on an 18 inch square of foil. Create a pouch by sealing the edges and leaving room for the popcorn to grow. Tie the corner of the pouch to a piece of string and shake it over a fire until popped.

A Regular Old Pot

That’s right! You can use a regular old pot over the fire to make popcorn. You’ll need a pot with a lid, as well as a potholder. Put your oil and kernels in the pot and place the whole thing over the fire with the lid. After you hear the first kernel explode, pick up the pot and shake it over the fire until the popping stops. This method is a bit more challenging as the popcorn burns easily and you are at a higher risk of burning your hands.

Cooking Pot
Tin Can

An Empty Can

Place a tablespoon of oil and a tablespoon of unpopped corn inside an empty can. Use a stick or a branch to hang the can from its tab and hold it over the flames, shaking it until it stops popping. Then, carefully cut the can open. Season and enjoy with caution — the edges of the can will be sharp!

Whether you’re camping close to home with all of the supplies you need, or you’re hiking a long way and can’t carry a lot with you, all you need is heat, oil, kernels, and a little bit of strategy to pop the perfect snack!