Debunking 5 Popular Popcorn Myths

Debunking 5 Popular Popcorn Myths

Jan 16th 2020

It’s not uncommon to come across inaccurate information online, especially when it comes to information about food. Sometimes, out of date information still circulates, while other times, bad information somehow spreads and becomes treated like facts. Either way, there are a handful of popular myths about popcorn that have been de-bunked by the National Popcorn Board. Here’s the skinny on some of the more widely circulated inaccuracies about popcorn:

Myth 1: Popcorn has no nutritional value.
Fact: Popcorn is a great source of dietary fiber, and three cups contains about three grams of fiber. It’s also a whole grain, which makes it a smarter choice when it comes to carbohydrates.

Myth 2: Popcorn is a 20th century snack.
Fact: Popcorn has roots dating back to the early Aztecs and Native Americans. The snack gained popularity in the 1800s, when Americans began to find creative uses for popcorn in their cooking, including, porridge, pudding, cakes, and more. In the late 1800s is when popcorn became associated with movie theaters as the popular film-accompanying snack we know today.

Myth 3: Popcorn is junk food.
Fact: In addition to being an excellent source of whole grain carbohydrates, popcorn contains no additives or preservatives and is naturally a sugar-free product. It is also low in fat and calories: air popped popcorn contains just 30 calories per cup, while oil-popped popcorn contains 35 calories per cup.

Myth 4: Microwave popcorn is bad for you.
Fact: Many people question the coatings on the inside of many microwave popcorn bags — but since 2006, manufacturers have been ensuring that no PFOAs, or perfluorooctanoic acid (a substance sometimes used in grease-resistant coatings for paper such as fast food and candy wrappers) are used in the coating inside microwave popcorn bags.

Myth 5: Popcorn is GMO.
Fact: In the United States, there has never been any GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) popcorn seed for sale — ever. According to the National Popcorn Board, there is also not any GMO popcorn seed available for sale in international markets.

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