Beat the Winter Blues with a Popcorn Bar!

Beat the Winter Blues with a Popcorn Bar!

Jan 14th 2022

Let’s face it, time of year can be a real drag. The excitement of the holiday season is behind us, and for many of us, bleak, cold days lie ahead. If you’re looking for a delicious way to bring a little fun to your winter drudge, why not try a Popcorn Bar?

What’s a popcorn bar?

Just as the name implies, a Popcorn Bar involves an array of flavors and toppings for your favorite snack. Whether you prefer salty or sweet, there are endless possibilities for a tasty treat. We suggest popping several bowls of Amish Country Popcorn and setting them on a long table, filled with fun toppings and décor.

What flavors should I use?

The sky’s the limit! Some popular toppings you might consider:

  • cheddar
  • ranch
  • taco
  • parmesan
  • cajun
  • cinnamon sugar
  • chocolate
  • sprinkles
  • caramel

The set up

  • Don’t forget to label your flavors and toppings! You’ll want to make sure your guests know all of the delicious options you have available for topping their popcorn.
  • Consider fun serving options, from small paper packets to classic red striped popcorn boxes, or even Mason jars add a festive flair for serving your popcorn.
  • You’ll want to keep large spoons or other serving utensils handy so that filling and refilling each popcorn bowl is easy!

Whether you’re hosting a special event, such as a bridal shower, wedding, or baby shower, or if you’re just at home for a fun movie night, a Popcorn Bar makes the perfect snack station to share with friends.