15oz Coconut Oil

Amish Country Popcorn

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  • 5

    Best coconut oil for popcorn popping

    Posted by Wade on Oct 8th 2023

    Before doing online research, I was looking for coconut oil with beta carotene only, and nothing else added.  At first, I did not know if anyone even made popcorn oil like this.  After looking around online for a few minutes, I found AMISH COUNTRY brand coconut oil that has beta carotene only added to it, and NO TRANS FAT.  JUST WHAT I NEED!!  It has no other added oils or ingredients, except for the NATURAL yellow color for the popcorn appearance.  Coconut oil is the best way to go for popping popcorn.  It has some health benefits, puts out a good smell while popping, and a great final flavor to the finished popcorn!  Yes, it is MOVIE THEATER popcorn with Amish Country coconut oil.  Just remember, you need to also add a popcorn salt to the popcorn as well to get TRUE MOVIE THEATER POPCORN taste, which is easy to find.  Try Amish Country Fine White Popcorn Salt, which you add to the popcorn immediately after it is already popped.  The result, you have MOVIE THEATER POPCORN you made yourself!  I get this high quality coconut oil by the gallon, since I give lots of popcorn away to family, friends, and co workers, and they love it very much.  Amish Country Coconut oil is your "golden ticket" to MOVIE THEATER POPCORN.

  • 5

    Best ever popcorn oil

    Posted by Richard Poland on Feb 12th 2018

    Coats even kernel with a buttery favor. Just like in the movies.

  • 5

    Movie popcorn

    Posted by Richard Poland on Jan 23rd 2018

    Best popcorn oil I have used. The popcorn is just like what you get at the movies.

  • 5

    awesome oil

    Posted by Frances Pugh on Oct 25th 2017

    This popping oil is the best. Makes popcorn take great.