Three 6 Pound Non-GMO Popcorn Bags 1 salt/seasoning

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When you "Fill the Box" with this choice you get three 6 pound bags of popcorn and a salt or seasoning of your choice.

Just choose the bags of popcorn and salt or seasoning that you want and click the "Add To Cart" button and you are on your way to having great tasting popcorn!

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21 Reviews

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    Always great

    Posted by greg on Feb 21st 2017

    Love the popcorn and the ballpark salt

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    Best for Popcorn Lovers

    Posted by Iris on Nov 30th 2016

    Rainbow ladyfinger is by far the best popcorn we have ever found. Very few unpopped kernels left in the pot and easy for children or people with delicate teeth to chew. We always fill the entire box with it. Once our grown kids and other relatives found out how good it was we had to start placing bigger orders. We buy the small bags for gifts but get the big ones for personal use. And don't leave out the ballpark seasoning. We usually don't order but one for ourselves but the grandkids figured out that's why popcorn is better at our house.

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    Great tasting!

    Posted by Eric on Nov 29th 2016

    I've ordered Amish Country popcorn before and have enjoyed the great taste and small kernals from the ladyfinger popcorn and the butter salt.

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    The Best Popcorn

    Posted by Jerry Baer on Sep 1st 2016

    You have the best popcorn on the market

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    Fill the Box

    Posted by John Landt on Jun 23rd 2016

    Best Popcorn! Best value for popcorn lovers!

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    Best Popcorn Ever

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 18th 2016

    We have tried most of the available varieties of popcorn and the baby white is by far our family's favorite. So much so, that this time around we ordered three 6 pound bags! Yay, popcorn for dinner!

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    The best mix, even if it's not July 4th

    Posted by Mike Keating on Apr 12th 2016

    We just love the Red, White and Blue popcorn. 3-6 pound bags and a seasoning using the "Fill the Box" option presents quite a savings and this halless mix taste just great!

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    HIGHLY recommend!!!

    Posted by Julie Cackowski on Nov 26th 2015

    I have been buying from Amish Country Popcorn for a few years now and as long as they are in business, I will continue to buy exclusively from them.
    Popcorn has always been my fave snack--i used to go to the movie theater just for the popcorn. After buying from ACP, I don't even like movie/stadium popcorn or any other store-bought popcorn anymore. It's really THAT good! My husband is now a popcorn "snob" like me! My favorites are red and midnight blue, he likes purple and blue. The baby yellow is really good too.
    For the price, if you compare what you're getting from ACP to store prices, it's comparable and worth every penny. I use the Fill the Box option and buy 18 lbs each time I order. Customer service is fantastic as well--I received one bag that was the wrong kind and after a quick email to ACP, I had the correct bag at my door 3 days later.
    Great company and quality product. I HIGHLY recommend Amish Country Popcorn!

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    Posted by Unknown on Nov 25th 2015

    Best popcorn Ever!!!